Did You Know? – WA Facts

The pack came to me this week! (I know right, I'm becoming quite the beacon of wisdom.) Anyway, the young pups are back at Dingo school and they were needing to know some cool facts about WA. By golly they came to a good source! Where would start? There's just too much to brag about in WA, the only way was to break it down for them.

The Best From The West: Public Figures

Discussions with the pack got a little heated this week! With so many personalities, so many interests I didn’t realise that asking a simple “Who’s the best West Aussie going around?” would have warranted the amount of passion that it did! Anyway, I had Ernie take notes and I've managed to put together a couple of our best candidates.

Best Sights From Our Favourite Sites

Rather than reminisce about "#PreMaskMemories" I chatted to the Pack this week to see if they could help give you all a little taste of WA’s best sights, so you’ve got something to look forward to when you have the time to travel across the great state again.

West Is Best!

WA the biggest and best state in the Country! Now there are plenty of things that separate us from the rest of Aus. Better weather, better beaches, better beers. While we’re stuck in WA for a little longer I thought now would be a good time to sit down with the pack and ask them what crazy things the rest of Australia do differently to our great state!

Dingo’s Summer Fun

With summer well and truly upon us, the boys and girls amongst the pack have been discussing some of the best summer activities they like to fill up their days with.

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