It is RARE that we get a massive 4 day weekend! Rather than have this one waste away and be full of regret come Tuesday morning when everyone is telling tales about their exciting weekend adventures, I thought I’d give you the low down on some of the things the pack are keen to get up to this weekend!

Perth Wildcast - RAC Arena
Image By Christophe95 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Wildcats Game @ RAC Arena

A few of the pack have decided that they’ll kick off the weekend by cheering for the Wildcats, when they take on the New Zealand breakers on Thursday evening.

Now we know where the best state is in WA, but when you start throwing these NZ “international superstars” we get out back up. This is no longer just a state v state battle, playing NZ makes this a country v country battle! So whether you bleed red or you’re just a true blue Aussie, be sure to cheer on the cats this Thursday evening from the stadium or the couch!

Boating, Camping, Fishing.

With winter fast approaching, this long weekend may be the last chance to take advantage of the consistently warm weather. Make the most of it!

While a boat isn’t often a Dingo’s favourite place to be, getting outdoors is what we love! The long weekend can be the prime time to pack the li’l pups up for an across-town road trip! Or even a nice trip down to the shore to throw the lines in. Either way, get out and about and make the most of the warmer weather before the rain sets in!

Image sourced from Pexels, courtesy of Josh Hild.
Image sourced from Unsplash, courtesy of Jeremy Bishop


The World Surf League (WSL) returns this week after quite the stint of paused action due to the old virus rearing its ugly head once again and the pack are pumped!

Sure, this season won’t be like any other, with the schedule and tradition largely thrown out the window, but, nonetheless the WSL is back! What better way to celebrate than by hitting the water with a mate? The appeal of paddling out in the cold weather, on a cold day, or watching from the cold sand, tends to wear off for us more ammature surf athletes! I know the pack are keen to perch up and watch the groms of today and yesteryear rip what they can throughout the WA coastline while it’s still warm.


A four day weekend tends to make way for a whole heap of family and friend filled events, which gives life to the ability to perch up for a few sunny lunches and early dinners at the park or on the back patio. So there’s no better time to crank up the BBQ and feed your pack with some nice fresh selection of meats over the long weekend. Now we won’t get too involved in the cut, style, seasoning, we’ll leave it to you grillmasters to sort out all that jazz!

BBQ grill
Image sourced from Unsplash, courtesy of Zac Cain
Image sourced from Pexels, courtesy of Thomas Ward


A long weekend is the prime time for a round of golf or two…or even three for that matter!

With the US Masters only a week away, you can bet that over the next couple of weeks the courses will be packed with ammo’s who possess incredibly slow play rates, but a great knack for searching for balls and holding up the whole course! So rally your pack and sneak in a little Easter tournament yourself before the Tiger Woods wannabes beat you to it!

Eagles Game @ Optus Stadium

Now on Saturday afternoon, the Eagles take on an unstoppable Port Adelaide side that looks prime for the last week of September (early call I know). With the Brisbane lockdown making things a little sketchy for the hope of having live footy in WA in the coming months now is the time to make the most of live sport while it’s still around. 

Remember last time when we were all stuck at home, hoping and praying for the news that we were going to be allowed out to get up to all kinds of mischief? Well that time is now, don’t take it for granted, get out, rip in and enjoy yourself! You never know when the next dreaded Mark McGowan press conference will become part of our daily routine again. (Hopefully never!) 

Image sourced from Unsplash, courtesy of Nathan Hurst
Image sourced from Unsplash, courtesy of Nathan Hurst

Let us know how you plan to spend the long weekend for your chance to win a Dingo merch pack! 

How do you plan to spend the long weekend?

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