West is Best Part 2 – West Aussie Words
Part 2! Yehaaaa!  After the success of the first iteration of the West Is Best Blog (link). It seemed only right to bring it back and explain another couple of ways that WA is different (better) than the other Aussie states. This week we have a lesson on linguistics. Yeah, you know, like language and […]
WA’s Curly & Curious Tall Tales
Now as the pups of the pack continue to get older, they hear new stories and myths about our great state and often come to me asking what is true and what is rubbish. I’m a big believer in storytelling, if you can come up with a story plausible and entertaining enough, who’s to say it can’t be real? So this week I've decided to chat you through some of WA’s curly and curious stories.
Terms To Use With Our NZ Bru’s
With the massive news announced last week that NZ will be opening up their boards to Australians for the first time since last year’s lockdown, I thought it was high time we did a quick little refresher for the pack on how our New Zealander neighbours speak. Let’s make sure we’re all on the same page when we finally come face-to-face once again!
Dingo’s Favourite Ways To Spend The Long Weekend
It is RARE that we get a massive 4 day weekend! Rather than have this one waste away and be full of regret come Tuesday morning when everyone is telling tales about their exciting weekend adventures, I thought I'd give you the low down on some of the things the pack are keen to get up to this weekend!
Dingo’s Favourite WA Flicks
In light of the massive news of the world-class film studio set to hit Freo’s Victoria Quay I’ve had a tonne of questions from the pack asking what great big-time flicks have been shot in WA so this week, I took it upon myself to educated the young pups on my top 5 favourite West Aussie shot flicks.
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