Celebrating big wins with Western Australia’s Own Lager at the AIBA’s and Perth Royal Beer Awards

June is awards season in the brewing fraternity which has meant it has also been Dingo’s time to shine on both the local and national stage. 

In addition to the medals that we were awarded at the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) earlier this month, we were thrilled to be awarded a Gold medal for our packaged Dingo Lager at the Royal Perth Beer Awards. An accolade shared with only one other lager in WA.  

Whitelakes Brewing
Directors Of Dingo Brewing Co: Mathew Walker (left) and Spinner Brennan (right)

For those new to the world of Dingo, our Lager is brewed by expert Head Brewer Sean Symons and his team at Whitelakes Brewing, who have also been recognised for their tireless efforts in crafting an extensive range of craft beers for the Whitelakes brand, in addition to crafting our award winning Dingo Lager.

In celebrating the plethora of awards Sean and his team have received over the last month, Sean stated; 

“To pick up medals at such a prestigious award ceremony is a huge achievement, especially as we were competing against the best of the best worldwide! We see these awards as a yardstick which measures how we’re performing and to affirm that we’re producing great quality beers.”  – Sean Symons

Whitelakes Brewing Managing Director, John Gastev, echoed praise for the team.

“The team at Whitelakes Brewing have put in an incredible amount of hard work, I’m proud that their craftsmanship and dedication has been recognised on such a large scale.” – John Gastev

Testament to the team’s primary motivation that stems from the belief that brewing isn’t about just trends or triumphs, but rather focussing on the process of making exceptionally good products that West Australians can be proud of; the accolades received over the past month are a reflection of more than just the fine ingredients used in the process, and now tell a story of the dedication and passion the brewers have put into the journey to create some of WA’s finest beers.

So what better reason than to crack open a Dingo and celebrate with us! The award winning Dingo Lager and a select range of Whitelakes craft beers are available at all good independent bottle shops.

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