Over my 70 odd year career (that’s 490 Dingo years!) I’ve seen PLENTY! But the circumstance of last year, well that has truly been something else!
As the days grow into weeks and weeks into months, it looks all the more likely that us Aussies are gonna be hanging home for the rest of summer this year!… And to be honest, why would ya wanna go anywhere else?

Over my time in this great state, I’ve been fortunate enough to take a dip in some of WA’s best beaches. So I thought as we endure a summer like no other, I’d let you in on a couple of my favourite little gems.

5. Meelup Beach

Only 3 hours out of Perth is the gentle wave pool of Meelup Beach.
Perfect for the little Dingoes who wish to splash around in the calmer shallow stuff!
With some lovely coastal and bushwalking tracks around, Meelup truly is one of the best spots to take a load off after a hectic 2020!

Image Courtesy of Margaret River.com

4. Eighty Mile Beach

For those like me, who from time to time need some privacy, I present to you: Eighty! Mile! Beach!
Situated between Broome and Port Headland is 220kms of the beautiful and often uninhibited vacant white sand.
Eighty Mile is perfect for perching up with a rod, watching birds fly above and taking some much needed ‘me time.’

Image Courtesy of Australia’s NorthWest.

3. Cottesloe Beach

Perth’s most popular sand soaked destination! And a much younger Dingoes favourite bay!
Boy, I could tell you a tale or two about some of the memories I made at this spot as a pup!

Nowadays I’m more inclined to perch upon the beautiful grassy bays with some fish and chips & a couple of cold cans, as I watch the sunset over the beautiful Cottesloe beach. 

Ahhhh Cottesloe, the memories.

Image Courtesy of Beach Travel Destinations.com

2. Pinky Beach

Now, for those of you who have been chomping at the bit to ‘go overseas,’ this one’s for you! 

My little furry mates in Rottnest have been going on about this joint for years!
Now they say ‘Pinky’s’ is absolutely beautiful! Crystal clear water, plenty of fish for you snorkelling fanatics and the waters nice and calm so it’s ideal for the littler pups to splash around in too.  If you are lucky enough to get a taste of ‘island life’ this summer and you happen to spot one of my mates, the Quokka, don’t be scared. Snap a selfie and tell him Dingo sent ya! 

Image Courtesy of Wadjemup Dreaming.

1. Cable Beach

And finally, Heaven on Earth. What can I say about this place that’ll do it justice?

Broome truly provides the essence of what West Australia is. Warm red dirt meets snow-white sand & presents some of the clearest water (outside your bathtub) that you’ll ever lay your eyes on!

Oh and the sunsets! Don’t get me started on the sunsets! So whether you’re like me and you want to warm yourself on the sand of WA’s best beach, or you’re like my nephew, insistent on chasing the tennis ball for hours on end. Make sure you take the opportunity to join the iconic Camels and trot down Cable beach as the Sun sets over your shoulder. You won’t regret it! 

Image Courtesy of A Glass Half Full.

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