With summer well and truly upon us, the boys and girls amongst the pack have been discussing some of the best summer activities they like to fill up their days with. 

Some of the gang enjoy more social stuff, some like the more competitive stuff and some tend to prefer the more isolated, quieter things. So we thought we’d let you in on what the pack has suggested before opening it up to the crowd, to get your opinion on your favourite summertime activities.

Backyard Cricket

Grab a bat, a ball, wheel over the wheelie-bin & transfer yourself to your own backyard MCG. 

Now every backyard cricket match will always have the same few characters. You’ll see a serious unit, (generally an older brother or athletic uncle) bowling bouncers at a poor younger sibling, who awaits fearfully down the other end of the wicket. You’ll see a disinterested fielder, who will try and avoid every potential chance to have a ball smacked their way and there will ALWAYS be someone (often a younger sibling) who despite their inability, will incredibly occupy the crease longer than anyone else.

Finally the household pet, now us Dingoes like to get involved. We make a great short cover fielder, but some of the more uninterested old dogs who try to avoid the action at all costs often manage to cop an absolute beating in at silly mid-on.

It doesn’t matter which category you fall into, just be sure to get involved this summer – as they say, “know your role, play your role.” 

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WA quite literally may have the best beaches in all the land! Whether you like laying in the sun, having a cheeky dip or making a colosseum of sandcastles (of which we love all) the beach is always a fan favourite. With plenty of activities to keep everyone in the family entertained you simply can’t go wrong! We’ve already listed some of WA’s best beach spots (here) so be sure to check it out and see what WA beach bay tickles your fancy. 

Image Courtesy of Beach Travel Destinations.com


Now this one has us torn, it can go one of two ways. It’s either a lovely way to spend an afternoon in the sun with mates, or it can become quite the p***ing contest…

The BBQ is where the experts come out of the woodwork. There’s always some that know all the fancy rules around seasoning their meat. There are the “all the gear but no idea” type operators, who as the name suggests, have all the equipment under the sun but not an inch of skill under the thumb. My favourite muppet out of the bunch, however, is the “tip guy” he’ll do absolutely nothing to help! Nothing I tell ya!

But boy oh boy, I promise you he’ll be sure to ‘give ya the tip’ about all things cooking, meat cuts, seasoning, the best equipment and even how to get the most out of your bbq. It’s truly quite remarkable how a bloke with that much knowledge will incredibly do absolutely nothing to help!
I’ll give you the tip, avoid this bloke at all costs.

Image Courtesy of Skitterphoto (Pexels).

Road Trips

Road trips are a Dingo’s dream! Seeing the sights, travelling alone or with mates, there is something for everyone! With travel being quite impossible at the moment, this summer is the perfect time to go and wander the world out yonder. Pack up the RV with all the essential and go find all of WA’s best-hidden gems.

Lose yourself with a trip from Perth to Esperance and experience all the white beaches & clear oceans whilst witnessing some of the best dryland flora and fauna WA has to offer. Whether you plan to set up the tents & roast marshmallows over the open fire or crash in the back of the 4wd with a packet of 2-minute noodles, some time on the road can provide a genuine lifestyle reset.

Image Courtesy of Rachel Claire (Pexels)


Fishing is a little tougher for the Dingoes, but by the looks of things it can be great in a group or great by yourself. It seems to provide a level of serenity that is unmatched with other tasks that may end up with you catching dinner as a result.

Whether you’re dropping a line in by the beach or on the back of a catamaran out by Abrolhos Island. There always seems to be one bloke however, that is keen to show the rest of the crew his tackle and share some incredibly exaggerated stories about the biggest and best catch he’s ‘snagged’. These blokes tread a fine line between catching fish and swimming with them depending on how much they chirp.

Mate up & bait up this summer!

Image Courtesy of Azwar Azwar (Pexels).


The land of gnarly grommets. Now this one is largely out of bounds for us canine’s – don’t get me wrong, we’ve all seen the videos on youtube of ‘Gnarly surfer dog’ but that’s simply attention-seeking behaviour.

From where we’re sitting there always seems to be a mix of barrel chasing experts who have been surfing ‘since the 60’s’ and young pimply goofy footers just trying their hardest not to drop in on someone or embarrassingly end up washed up onshore in the whitewater. (Not quite the way to impress the fairer sex). 

Surfing can be one of the most adrenaline-filled activities you can throw yourself into. You might be one to smash it at Trigg or travel ‘overseas’ to Rottnest and if you’re a real ‘big dawg’ you might even find yourself in the Margaret River Pro circuit. (Move over Fanno). But no matter your skill level, we’re all just out there looking over our shoulder in the search for the next A-frame set. 

Stay safe, don’t drop in – respect the right of way.

Image Courtesy of Kevin Bosc (Unsplash).

Your Say…

We want to know – which is your favourite activity to soak up in during the summer? 

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