WA the biggest and best state in the Country! Now there are plenty of things that separate us from the rest of Aus. Better weather, better beaches, better beers. While we’re stuck in WA for a little longer I thought now would be a good time to sit down with the pack and ask them what crazy things the rest of Australia do differently to our great state!

Jatz v Savoy

Now this ones a tricky one and it stems back quite a few years! I first noticed this when I was on a crazy cross country trip to Melbourne. Coming from WA I was hunting for a convenient snack. Stunned I was with the incredible revelation. Boy oh boy, what’s a SAVOY! 

Now in WA we have Jatz, crunchy, salty, “chuck some vegemite and cheese on me” Jatz, but by the looks of things, the Vics, they do it differently! I had the pack look into this for me and the ingredients are slightly different, Savoy’s contain golden syrup instead of full cream milk powder and malt… (they’re a special sort over there aren’t they) but that’s hardly the point! Jatz are elite, the staple at any good BBQ, you can have your Savoy’s Victoria, we don’t want anything to do with ‘em! 

It’s Jatz for us WA chaps! 

Images Courtesy of Coles

Pint v Pot v Schooner v Middy

Now the way we do things make sense! 
Jug, pint, schooner, middy. But over east things get a little strange. 

I’ve been told, a pot is apparently the same thing as a middy in Victoria and Queensland (finally something these two can agree on). I’m not gonna lie, ordering a ‘pot’ of beer sounds cool but it makes me think you’re going to get given a beer in something that should be used to grow garden plants. 

My South Australian pals reckon they call a normal West Aussie sized pint an ‘Imperial pint!’ Imagine having to say the word ‘imperial’ in a pub! Do you have to tip your top-hat to the governor and give your best wishes to the queen while you’re at it?!
Give us a spell SA! 

And the Tasmanians call a Middy a ‘Ten’ which makes sense because well, they think everything is a ten… Including their relatives.
(Don’t shoot the messenger)

Image Courtesy of All4Desktop

Sunsets Over The Sea

The locational lottery continues!

Us West Aussies even have the sun on our side. Imagine having to wake up at 5am in the morning to watch the sun rise over the ocean like they do in the east. You can’t wash your beachside fish and chips down with a beer at that time! (Believe me, I’ve tried). In WA however, the seaside sunset is one of the best views you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

Perch yourself on the coast and enjoy the show.
Free of charge but full of bliss serenity. 

Image Courtesy of Hello Perth.

Parmi v Parma

This for an age old debate!

Now let’s get a few things straight. Parmigiana. Spell it out, sound it out. How people are crowbarring an ‘a’ at the end of the ‘parm’ is simply beyond me! 

Us Australians or ‘Aussies’ love to abbreviate a word for convenience. You call your mate ‘John,’ ‘Johnny’ never ‘Johnna’ and your pal Thomas,’ well he’s getting ‘Tommy’ not ‘Tomma,’ and even James, gets a complete overhaul, has an ‘a’ replaced with an ‘I’ and then we throw in a ‘y’ and somehow ‘James’ becomes ‘Jimmy!’ 

This whole Parmi v Parma debate causes so much chaos the team at Arnotts decided to print both Parmi and Parma on their shapes boxes. But unlike Arnotts, we’re not here to fence sit! It’s spelt Parmigiana, so unless you’re spelling it like language is a myth, or you call your mate Harrison, ‘Harra,’ like an absolute fool and don’t go giving us the ‘Parma’ treatment. A Parmi is and always will be as Aussie as Gary, Barry, Harry and Larry. *(Exhale)*

Image Courtesy of John McCutcheon

Burley v Sherrin

The AFL was the VFL til they poached enough of us mob over there on these big deal contracts & were forced to open up the country’s greatest game – to a league that would feature, (you guessed it) the whole country. Now as Juniors, I see the young pups running around with the fresh-looking Burleys, iconic aren’t they. Fun fact, the WAFL previously used rugby balls but us big WA boys keep kicking the shape out of the things. So Joe Burley was asked to create a pill that would keep it in shape! The Burley debuted in 1906 and we’ve used it ever since! In fact, Burley’s are now used by the WAFL, SANFL, NTFL and even used by those crazy yanks in the US! 

When you get onto a good thing, you have to share it. Burley did and we’re doing our best to do so to! 

Image Courtesy of Sekem & Sherrin

WA, it’s pretty damn great, I know we’re ‘stuck’ here for a little longer at the moment, but if we’re honest, we wouldn’t wanna be ‘stuck’ anywhere else in the world!

Stay safe fellow ‘Sandgropers’ stay safe!

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