I’m noticing a fair few of you are beginning to share old snaps online about the “#Pre-CovidDays” – “Will and I in the Maldives 2 years ago, I wish we were there now. #CovidSux #Holidaze #SetMeFree”

*Rolls eyes.. – Unfollow*

Rather than reminisce about “#PreMaskMemories” I chatted to the Pack this week to see if they could help give you all a little taste of WA’s best sights, so you’ve got something to look forward to when you have the time to travel across the great state again.

Lake Hillier: Recherche Archipelago

Lake Hillier is a 600-meter long picturesque bubblegum pink lake that sits beside the nice deep blue ocean – a genuine natural site that is more beautiful than anything else the pack have ever laid their eyes on. (Apart from Mother Dingo of course…)

Way back before Dingo’s time, Lake Hillier was first discovered by navigator Matthew Flinders in 1802 and is said to get it’s consistent bright pink colour due to the extremely high level of salinity. While the size of the lake might not impress you, the pure bubblegum pink coloured lake is truly something to behold. I’ve heard, the salt from the lake was once mined but – no longer.

We’d recommend taking a boat or plane to check out because you can’t get there on foot. Which makes it tough for us Dingo’s to head out there as often as we might like. 

Images Courtesy of Jaimen Hudson Youtube

The Pinnacles: Nambung National Park Near Cervantes

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Pinnacles. Imagine a mad max scarce desert land setup with massive slabs of limestone spread throughout the land. That’s right, the Pinnacles are basically a massive array of limestone formations that are in the middle of the desert, but as they say 90% of the job is just showing up and the Pinnacles are a testament to this!

The Pinnacles have been around for around 25,000 – 30,000 years and are said to have come about after the sea and shells receded and all blew away. Much like the pack from time to time, the pillars were forced to battle the elements, through rain, hail and scorching summer heat they stood tall and remained the test of time. But I don’t think I could handle Ernie’s antics for 25,0000 – 30,000 years – props to the pinnacles! 

Image Courtesy of Australia’s Coral Coast

Horizontal Waterfalls: The Kimberly

The ‘Horries’ are basically just waterfalls but they run horizontally rather than vertically!
Yeah, you read that correctly, horizontal. They run across, not up and down! 

Dave Attenborough once described these bad boys as being “one of the greatest natural wonders of the world.” He seems like a good guy doesn’t he, Dave. I wonder what he’d think about us mob! I’d guess, he’d be the wisest member of the pack… Smart man is Dave. 

These ‘Horries’ run for more than 10 meters and the water incredibly reverses with the tide, so every day the thing runs both ways. I’ve had the runs coming from both ways as well, I imagine that’s a little different to this and it’s by no means would Dave consider my runs a ‘Natural wonder…’ 

Image Courtesy of Australia’s Northwest

Busselton Jetty

“Busso Jetty” as it’s referred to amongst the pack, is a massive 1.841kms long! Incredibly, it’s actually the longest timber-piled jetty in the southern hemisphere! Created in 1864 and the Jetty was extended a heap of times during the 60s to get it to be the length it is now. If the builders were anything like the pack is – I’m sure it would have been a case of “Yeah, throw another one on!” “Bigger, bigger!” “Let’s build this thing all the way to Bali!” – I’m glad we weren’t involved with the build, we’d probably still be laying timber today. 

There’s now a railway line running across it which takes punters on an underwater excursion to see the natural aquarium. Perfect for us older Dingo’s, get to see all the underwater gang, without having to even get wet! – We smell weird, when wet. 

They even built a bloody water slide around the lighthouse in the 80’s (which Ernie would have loved!) but that thing was shut down in 2011.
Probably due to a few silly sliders pinging ‘emselves off the thing upside, i’d imagine. 

Image Courtesy of VRBO

Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia is surrounded by our favourite, red dirt! This beautiful stuff is in the forms of sand dunes and meets with a heap of snow white sand on the beaches that inhabit some of the most playful wildlife in the world I reckon! 

Monkey Mia has enough dolphins, sharks, stingrays, turtles and a bundle of different fish to keep the whole pack entertained. Plus the pelicans and emus that wander around on the red stuff, well they aren’t bad blokes either. Now if you get super lucky, the Wildlife Service Offers might even allow you to get up close and personal with the dolphins. And get this! A few of those special little slippery boys absolutely love the attention – so you might get lucky, and get the chance to feed the fellas.

These guys love the attention, but the rest of the gang can get a little jelly, so maybe let the boys and girls in charge dictate which legend you’re touching and feeding. 

They don’t get along as well as us Dingo Pack. 

Image Courtesy of Australia’s Coral Coast

Now look ahead, to future plans, to being able to wander out yonder in the greatest state in the country and experiencing life un-masked once again!

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