Discussions with the pack got a little heated this week! With so many personalities, so many interests I didn’t realise that asking a simple “Who’s the best West Aussie going around?” would have warranted the amount of passion that it did! Anyway, I had Ernie take notes and I’ve managed to put together a couple of our best candidates.  

Take a look and let us know who you’d add to the list!

By One Salient Oversight – Own work

Justin Langer

We’re opening the list with as much confidence as this man did when he opened the batting for Australia during the mid 2000’s. That’s right, one of the best Australian opening batsman, current coach of the Australian men’s side and obviously overall good guy: Justin ”JL” Langer.

The Perth born superstar has been repping WA since his junior cricketing days well before he made his test debut for Australia in 1993 at the age 22! (Practically a puppy). After debuting, Justin battled finding himself in and out of the test side until 2001, where his consistent form saw him become a centerpiece for the Australian cricket team. Justin and fellow opener Matthew Hayden had a bond stronger than most loving marriages, and the two tackled their international foes with a level of resilience and stability that most couples can only dream to have.

Justin has always been big on ‘The Pack’ working in collaboration with his pack wherever he could. I’ve mentioned his relationship with Matty Hayden and it was no different when he retired. Doing so alongside a couple of other Australian cricket legends in Shane Warne & Glen Magrath. Nowadays JL is in charge of our National “Pack” as the coach of our Australian Cricket Team – coming onboard to resecruct the sinking “sandpaper ship” that saw our nation shirk with embarrassment. Since Justin has taken the reins, the output and more importantly, reputation of the side our country as a whole has improved tenfold.

A true leader who continues to make us WA mob proud. 

Onya JL! 

Heath Ledger

The late great Heath Ledger is one of the greatest WA exports we’ve ever had the fortune to grace our screens. The Perth boy turned Hollywood superstar played a variety roles in Australian TV and films during his teenage years before deciding to take his talents to the US. 

Heath was never to just dip his toe into a role, but rather like a courageous Dingo in sight of water, Heath would dive into the opportunity and reinvent himself entirely to ensure he did the character justice. Whether it was his award winning portrayal of Ennis Del Mar in Brokeback Mountain or his academy award winning performance for his role as the Joker, he always took the bull by the horns (or the Dingo by the head – if that helps) and threw himself into the role! 

Heath truely encompassed what it was to be a Australian jumping into everything he did with incredible passion while possessing a level of gratitude we all wish we had, plus he played Ned Kelly for god’s sake, you don’t get more Iconic than Ned! 

Fortunately for us, his legacy lives on with some of the greatest catalogues of character variety ever displayed.
You’ve always made us proud Heath. Much love from the whole Pack.

Image by Howie Berlin
Image by Eva Rinaldi

Megan Gale

Every pack needs a standout beauty and for us, that appears to be the tremendously elegant Megan Gale.
Megan won her first modelling competition at only 18 years of age and like all good West Aussies rose to fame after appearing in a series of Italian Telecommunications advertisements. (Wait hang on…)

Since then Megan has thrown her hand at working in film and television including getaway and Australia’s next top model PLUS she was in Mad Max: Fury Road! (There we are, back on track! There’s nothing more Aussie than Mad Max!) Megan even dated half of the duo that is “Hamish & Andy” – but as we all know, sometimes couples are better off as friends or “pack mates.”

While Megan’s Italian heritage is well known, we think it’s high time we let the world know she’s a sandgroper through and through! 

Daniel Ricciardo

Another Italian/West Aussie combo is the old Duncraig local Mr Daniel Riccardo! Dan kicked off his love of motorsports at Barbagallo Raceway under the supervision of his father Guiseppe. (No questioning his italian heritage now).

‘Fearless’ must have the motto at Barbagallo back in the day because by golly is that exactly what Daniel ‘The Honey Badger’ Ricardo is. The unofficial Prince of Perth is one of the coolest calmest units on the F1 circuit off the course but once the belts are strapped and that light turns green, Dan unleashes some of the most incredibly courageous high speed driving us West Aussies have ever been fortunate enough to see.

With 7 wins and 31 podiums to his name Dan continues to make us West Aussies proud every chance he gets! With incredible ability on the course and his loveable quality off it, no matter the result, Dan will always be a winner in our eyes!  

Forza Danny boy Forza!

Image by XaviYuahanda – Own work
By Stuart Sevastos – John Butler @ The Bakery (2/6/2012), CC BY 2.0,

John Butler

Finally – Fremantle’s Best Busker.

While John wasn’t actually born in Australia (he moved over when he was 11) after much discussion with the pack, we’ve decided on this occasion… we’ll allow it. 

After beginning to learn the guitar at 16. (Well and truly a fair dinkum West Aussie by that stage) John attended Curtin University to complete an art teaching course before eventually tossing the paintbrushes in the hopes to pursue a music career. After busking at the Fremantle Markets became a regular thing for JB, he struck a flicker of opportunity, landing his first paid gig at the Seaview Hotel in Freo (1997) and promptly deciding to form his own band “The John Butler Trio” soon after. The Trio have seen international success and have gone on to be nominated and win a whole host of APRA & ARIA awards. 

John has shown his support for many activist groups including the Wilderness Society (which the pack are very appreciative of) and If you ever get the time, be sure to see John give ‘Ocean’ a whirl on Youtube, his digit dexterity is something that us paw possessing pals can only wish to possess.

Well then, that brings us to the end of Part 1 of WA’s best exports.

If you think you have a better West Australian who is kicking goals on a national/international level, be sure to let us know below and they might feature in a future instalment. 

Who should be added to the list?

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