The pack came to me this week! (I know right, I’m becoming quite the beacon of wisdom.) Anyway, the young pups are back at Dingo school and they were needing to know some cool facts about WA. By golly they came to a good source! Where would start? There’s just too much to brag about in WA, the only way was to break it down for them. 

Take a look for yourself and let us know which fact you reckon I should send them off to school with! 

Western Australian Bushland
Western Australian Bushland: Unsplash – Chris Stenger

WA Is Isolated!

That’s right – isolation. My goodness haven’t we heard that word enough over the past 12 months?!

However, it’s true, our capital Perth, is the MOST isolated city in the world! Our closest fellow Aussie city is Adelaide and that’s more than 2,200kms away.

Now, the pack is often telling me how much they want to head over east (lord knows why, we all know the best is out west). Just logistically, we’d have to wander for days, weeks, maybe even months! Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth it! 

We’re more likely to jump on a plane and head to Jackata or Singapore. Did you know, they’re actually closer to Perth than our own nation’s capital Canberra? 


We’re LARGE!

Who said size doesn’t matter?

Our great state is absolutely HUGE and we love it! Coming in at a whopping 2.646 million km² our wide brown land is some of the widest there is. Get this right, if our great state was to become its own standalone country, just on size alone, it would rank inside the top 10!

Factor in the incredible lifestyle we have out here and I reckon we’d be named the world’s most liveable country every year running.

Wide Brown West Australian Land
Wide Brown West Australian Land: Unsplash – Jeremy Zero
Whale Shark
Whale Shark: By Arturo de Frias Marques – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

We Have Big Things!

It’s a real case of the bigger the better out here. Do you want to know where you’ll find the world’s biggest fish? You guessed it! WA – well actually, it’s just off the coast of WA, but by golly, apparently it’s a site to see! I’m talking about our 13 metre long whale shark.

Yeah, you read that correctly, a whale shark.

I’m no marine biologist myself, but by the sounds of things I’m predicting that the whale shark is basically just a whale crossed with a shark. Understandable why it’s so huge! 

Back on the dry stuff, (also known as Dingo territory) King’s Park is also incredibly the biggest city park in the world!

That’s right our city skyline hotspot is bigger than New York’s famous Central Park. Pretty neat play from lil’ old Perth.

Move over yanks! 

We Have Treasures!

You’d better believe it, WA is home to three of the largest natural treasure spots in the world. 

The Kagoorlie mine is the world’s largest producer of gold, huge news if you’re one of those bling wearing gangsters. But If you’re more interested in the finer, more delicate diamonds, you’re in luck too because out here in WA we have the largest producer of them as well! That’s right, we’re in charge of both the bling and the rings! 

I’ve been told on many occasions, that ‘girls love pearls’ so can I interest you in our Argyle mine in Broome? Which is (yep you guessed it!) the largest producer of pearls in the world.

Bling, rings and pearly things! Look at us shiny sandgropers go! 

Kalgoorlie Super Pit
Kalgoorlie Super Pit: Mines image: CC BY-SA 3.0,
Busselton Jetty
Busselton Jetty: Unsplash – Marc St

We Have Long Things!

That’s right we’ve got long things too! Now I’ve mentioned this one in a previous blog (check it out here) but in case you missed it, our very own Busselton Jetty is the largest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s a jaw droppingly impressive 1.8km long!

The construction of the jetty started way back in 1864, yonks before Dingo was strolling around our great state. It’s taken on a few restorations and improvements over its 157 year career, the jetty now stands as strong as it ever has.

The newest addition is the railway element that takes punters from Busso to Bunbury and carries tourists and locals alike to just one of six natural underwater aquariums in the world! 

Length and strength! We like that!

We’re Warm!

And finally, the reason that I love WA the most. THE. WARM. WEATHER!

Don’t get me wrong, it can get HOT out here in the west but it’s nothing us WA battlers can’t handle! It’s a fact that Perth gets to enjoy more sunshine than any other city in the whole of Australia. Meaning it’s brighter for longer!  

We don’t need to bother with the whole winding of clocks back and forward to make the most of the daylight hours. It’s bright early it’s bright late – so we can make the most of perching up in the sun with a beer and a mate.

Sunset: Unsplash – Brian McMahon

Now let me know, which of these facts you think is the coolest in the poll below – so I can send the pups off to school with an absolute humdinger.

The best WA fact is:

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