We have an absolutely massive weekend on the cards. The footy is back and I have no doubt that a few of us will still be kicking on from St Paddy’s celebrations!

With that in mind, the pack has had a dilemma on their hands. Half wanting to know where they can go to watch the footy and the other half hoping to get the downlow on the best venues to catch the tail end of the Irish celebrations. 

Dingo has been tasked with presenting the pack with a whole heap of bars and restaurants that will cater to either camp. 

Grosvenor Hotel (Image sourced via FB)
The Grosvenor Hotel (Image sourced via FB)

The Grosvenor Hotel

The gang at the Grosvernor get it! Whether it’s pre and post game for lunch and dinner, or you’re keen to pull up a stool and watch the game at their venue, the Grosvenor has a whole heap of well crafted pub food that is simply all time.

I’ve had some great times at the Grosvernor (as well as some pretty blue times too), it’s incredible how much the result can sway the vibe of the evening. However, I have always found good company and a few pints of Dingo Lager will put me back in good spirits again.

Johnny Fox’s

The brand new Johnny Fox’s establishment in Northbridge is set to become another iconic Irish pub. After opening in December, the team have put on a fanatic showing during the summer. Now, with the biggest week in the Irish calendar among us, I’m strongly suggesting to the pack that we make the most of the new facilities this weekend and mix with some of the best Irishmen who have made their way to the west.

Johnny Fox's (Image sourced via FB)
Johnny Fox’s (Image sourced via FB)
The Peninsula Mandurah (Image sourced via Peninsula website)
The Peninsula Mandurah (Image sourced via Peninsula website)

The Peninsula Mandurah

The pals down at the Peninsula in Mandurah are already ready and raring for the footy season to commence with live action of the whole weekends action available in Tully’s bar.

A few pack members have told me how keen they are to perch up over the foreshore at the Peninsula and enjoy the warm summer sun before winter rears its head again. Beautiful weather, beautiful location with a beautiful Dingo Lager… stuff of dreams if you ask me!

JB O’Reilly‘s

Combine the best of both worlds at JB O’Reilly’s!

There’s Irish atmosphere for those who are late to the party or, in true Irish fashion, are just kicking on for the marathon week. Plus, with live music and the big screens going all weekend, you’re sure to (be sure) leave feeling a wee greener than you did when you arrived. 

JB O'Reilly's (Image sourced via FB)
JB O’Reilly’s (Image sourced via FB)
The Camfield (Image sourced via FB)
The Camfield (Image sourced via FB)

The Camfield

Annnnnnnd finally, the big shed! The Camfeild. Whether you’re looking for a place to wet your whistle pre-game and kickon with the festivities post-game.

If you weren’t able to bag yourself a ticket the Camfeild has you covered! Just 100m from the stadium, you’ll be able to hear the crowd carry on while you sit in the comfort of the pub. No lines for the toilets, no line for food and no alternative mid-strength beer… just the real stuff for us dingos!

Plenty of great choices I reckon, but this week, why don’t you tell us where you’ll be perching up for this weekend’s action?
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Where are you perching up for a pint this weekend?

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